Rummy Royal is the most popular online rummy platform on the internet and the Bitcoin gambling market. It offers 8 different variants of the rummy game including the popular Gin Rummy, Rummikub (tiles version of rummy), Rummy 500, Kalooki, Oklahoma Gin and traditional rummy. All of these are available on both fiat and Bitcoin format. In order to play Rummy Royal you can either download the rummy royal application or play the no download version. Just find the right online casino or Bitcoin casino that suits your preferences best.

For the Rummy Royal Download version which installs a client based software on your PC or Laptop you can simply go to the Rummy Royal website and click on the download button. This will initiate the Rummy Royal Download process followed by the installation process which requires you to sign up as a new player in order to enjoy the great rummy games.

Rummy Royal Download – Step by Step:

1.    Go to the Rummy Royal Website.

2.    Click on the “Download” link to initiate the Rummy Royal Download Application.

3.    Click on “Run” when you get the next pop up which will ask you whether to save the installation file or run it as soon as it finish downloading.

4.    Download is complete – the installation process will begin.
When completing the Rummy Royal Download you can start playing right away. It’s important to know that you can take advantage of a free no deposit bonus of $5 at Rummy Royal just for being a new player so don’t forget to take advantage of this offer and use bonus code : 5WELCOME upon creation of a new account.

5.      Since Rummy Royal has the best of both worlds for bettors, you can either choose to play using real money or bitcoins. This is what sets Rummy Royal apart from the typical games out there. If you want convenience, you can simply bet using fiat money. On the other hand, if you want to make use of the cryptocurrency’s advantages, you are more than welcome to do so as well.

The Rummy Royal Download and installation process will create a shortcut for the application on your desktop and in the “Programs” tab on your operating system.
The download is a one time process which will enable you to play Rummy games whenever you want.

The RummyRoyal download process is safe and secured, the application is tested on a daily basis to prevent unwanted viruses and Trojans from infiltrating your system.

The RummyRoyal download is a one stop shop for all rummy games offered in the application. Upon installation you can start playing for free all the rummy games with other players from all around the world. The application has a built in chat where you can chat with other players using the application and you can play in tournaments around the clock.
At the moment there are no other competitors at the same quality and level as Rummy Royal this means you have nothing to look for at other places.

If you do not wish to download rummy royal you can use the no download version. There are many reasons why one wouldn’t want to download the RummyRoyal software:

1.    When playing on a different computer than your personal one (at home, university, school and so on).
2.    Having a Macintosh computer (by Apple) which doesn’t support the RummyRoyal application.
3.    Not having administrator privileges on your computer.

All these and more are good enough reasons to use the Rummy Royal no download version which is a flash based game which can be played instantly with no installation required and it is exactly the same as the download version application.

When installing the application for the first time, make sure to enter your real details to prevent fraud and also to receive e-mails from RummyRoyal in case you lose your password or wish to play from a different computer.

One of the greatest benefits of RummyRoyal is the fact that the downloader is small and light which makes the process of installation quick and easy.

Download Rummy Royal today and get $5 free no deposit required welcome bonus which enables you to play for real money with no risk at all.

Click Here to Download Rummy Royal

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